Saturday, November 14, 2015


So I've been absent for a long while now. Been doing the on off boyfriend, jailed boyfriend/ex boyfriend, casual adult fun which out of circumstance has become a semi permanent UN talked about over a month daily thing. But it doesn't end there. Mentioned jailed boyfriend/ex gets paroled in next couple weeks and being the doormat I used to put up with it is expected for me to provide a parole address to ensure he becomes a parolee. Well looks like the cards are in my possession and I get to deal them as I choose.
Not letting myself be a doormat is priority 1. That ended a year and a half ago when he went to jail and as the last year and half has been at my pleasure to go on visits and answer jail calls I think the message should be clear that ball is in my court. I'm stronger, content with myself and my mistakes and perfectly happy answering to no one ever again. Consulting maybe but never again being walked over and trodden on.
More to write.
 So much more to write.....
 Lilly xo

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