Thursday, November 10, 2011

sex and death (relationship status update)

Just another update on my relationship status. I'm still seeing the guy i met on through that dating site. (re. so its been a over a month now and his parole sitting date was 2 days ago so he should be off home detention soon. Waiting on the parole board is exactly that, waiting. he still has parole reporting for 3 years but that's not a big thing. at least he will be free to leave his home whenever he wants instead of getting permission to do so. after our last hookup night i decided to send him a text about what he wants from me. good thing is we want the same thing really, for it to continue as it is and I'm happy about both of us being content with how it is. i don't want to see anyone else but i don't want the 'locked in' feeling exclusivity gives. and in the past that's when I’ve freaked out and run away from the relationships I've been in.

I'm starting read more blogs on here now and its intrigued me the way people will comment on a persons spelling and grammar in their posts. i would have thought if we were all perfectly spoken and correct it wouldn't be the true person speaking their own words. I'm a shocking example of illiterate typing and if it honestly bothers anyone don't read my blog.

Lastly anonymous comments are exactly that, from people with no name, face or guts. man up and admit your gutless.

xoxo Lilly

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Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

i'm new to your blog, but i am really relating to it in many ways. i'm so excited to find it, which is the way i feel on the rare occasion i find a new one that is honest, authentic and fascinating. jealous of you living in australia though. i'm wondering: are most of these "critics" who comment on your grammar or say rude things... do they seem to be american? i feel like "we" (not me i hope) are so fucking judgmental it's sad. so, apologies for those jerks, and keep up the blog :)