Monday, October 21, 2013

teeth troubles

its definitely all to do with the meth smoking. i had to pay 200 dollars on friday to get a molar removed. it had been paining me for about a year. id been swishing cold water  and wine to the left of my mouth to avoid the pain.
and now finally i can drink cold water again. the tooth was fine by the way. apparently my bone has worn away to the point of infection coming up underneath it.  so im now minus another tooth so it looks like plate or dentures eventually is now the only option.
codeine and anti biotics later and it feels great now.

no other things to update. the days weeks and months fly by and im just cruising with them.
xo lilly


Furtheron said...

Sorry about the tooth. Funny I know a lot of ex-addict and drinkers who have to get a lot of dental work done once they clean up

pete poblano said...

i had a theory crystal makes womens infertile so i guess im wrong?

ali russell said...

Hey Lilly, my name's Ali and I work for the ABC. I would love to chat to you about a story I'm researching... Is there somewhere I can message you privately? Thanks so much.