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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another one of those fuking days

just feel like having a bitch caus im in one of those moods caus its another one of those fuked up depressing days. where do i start this time. apart from the shocking grammar and spelling i always seem to display, i just stayed up all night waiting for my mate to bring my car back which she borrowed. im still waiting and its 12.36pm. right now im watching dr phil on tv, even more depressing and overnight i just watched the entire season5 of dexter and a couple episodes of uk skins and us skins.
its one of those dreary days where u just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep, but obviously cant as i have a 9 yr old at school and a 2 yr old running a muk at home. cant complain about the kids, they are the best! its me who's not!
also i just found out my ex sam is getting out of jail from another parole breech this week so im hoping he just leaves me alone and has decided i nolonger exist. i dont need him fuking up my life and my current situation again with his bullshit and his dodgy deals.
this time im again going to ignore him and not let him rip me like last time which was only 3 months ago in reality. he never stays out very long anyway.
he was released in may 2010, returned on a breech in jan2011 until april and then was out for approximately a month and half and has been back in again since then.

theres my bitch...ill probably delete it later but enjoy if u get to read it

xoxo lilly

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Random Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your crappy day. I've had a few of those myself lately :( As for the infamous Sam: I hope you're able to stay strong. Unlike me, who, I think I told you in a recent comment about Gary who I really let fuck with my emotions and my world before I went to prison. Flash forward to present day, where, he recently started calling me, INSISTING that he wanted to drive up to my town and come get me for a few days...
Even as I was swearing up and down that I was going to steer clear of him, I was already making plans in my head to hang out with him....
Well, long story longer, I got the days off of work and then the jerk STOOD ME UP!! Lol! Of course there was some dramatic excuse (as always) but that's what I get. I hope you don't fall as easily back into the Sam trap as I apparently do the Gary trap.
As for everything else, I sympathize with you. Hope things look up soon. Cheers
Random Girl
Meth and Me; Diary of a Tweaker

(P.S. Sorry my comments are always like 9 pages long!!)