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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

friends with benefits

so anyway, as life continues along on its merry way its hard to remember the last time i actually had a live-in boyfriend. i couldn't imagine it now. I'm so used to doing everything my way and not answering to another person. its been over 4 years now. my current sexual partner has been long-term. we been fucking regularly for about 2 years now and there are no expectations but we always make time to see each other for sex each week. i know he is sleeping with anyone and everyone else but he still always comes to me when i call him. recently he slipped that he loved me during sex but we both decided to ignore it ever happened. i think the fact I'm so unattached and in no way possessive of him makes it work but also boggles his mind. id be in a right mess if he wasn't my fukfriend caus i don't know if id be able to go out looking for a new one. I'm so unmotivated to find a new one and somehow i think he's the best I've had and the easiest to get rid of once I'm done and satisfied. i remember in the beginning he would make excuses to leave but id already be pushing him out the door. i didn't need the bullshit excuses cause i was happy and ready for him to go. no baggage and the best sex of my life...always.

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