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Thursday, September 22, 2011

online dating websites

so out of absolute boredom and curiosity, i started up with an online dating website. its been about a month now and I've been matched with about 300 of Adelaide's finest...apparently my soul mates. i accepted about 5 of the friendship requests and have added a conversation with each to my nightly activities. I've already blocked 3 of the 5 and counting. 
i mean honestly what am i supposed to say to eligible suitors. that I'm a no nonsense, honest, take me as i am or fuk off kind of girl. then in the next breath I'm a convicted drug manufacturer with an extensive criminal record and expect they are not going to run for the hills. so far I've had the ones who are too interested and the ones who say they don't care then delete me with the excuse that they have deactivated their accounts.
either way its no loss to me. at least for a change I've been totally honest about my past and the lucky cunt who i do decide to date like a regular person wont be able to tell me i hid anything about myself.
the other thing I've realised is that the guys with the normal profiles after listening to my past divulge about their own to me, become not so normal. there are the pipe smokers, and then there are the ones i mostly attract...the ones on psychotics and depression meds.
ill be back to continue.......

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