Friday, September 23, 2011

outcome of internet hook up.......

ok so its 5.29am and my hookup from the new internet dating site i joined just left. funny thing is i was totally honest about the meth, my past and my record and it went well. turns out my best mate is good friends with his best mate, we know and grew up in the same area and grew up around the same people as friends at different times.  small world... very small city i live in. 

we are going to catch up again tomorrow night a bit earlier... im strangely optimistic and curious as to how this will play out.
I think its time to switch my ticking brain off for an hour or two before my kiddos get up and im on school and kindy duty...yay.

bak to the guy i just met... its been about 15 minutes since he left and he is already texting me.

nighty night.
lilly xoxo 

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