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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sex and death!

so the last guy i was talking to on the net seems to have gone into hiding (lol) but in my usual style, I've continued to live another day. we didn't end up catching up the other night caus i was on the end of a bender and ended up crashing for a day and a half.
last night i started talking to a new guy. a really quirky(like me) quick witted, answer for everything recovering heroin addict. that's new ground for me. he's 30 and currently on home d. he has 2 months to go but by the way he speaks bout making up for the wrong he has done and being clean for 2 months now i think he's a lot like me. i mean I'm almost ready to make that decision.
he's the first guy in ages who actually asked me out for coffee not just wanted to come back to my place. that kind of threw me, i don't do normal things like date.
anyway the conversation while chatting wasn't boring, there was hardly any talk about what our past was, more a weird he says/she says banter about a killing game. (obviously in a kinky way).
i guess it was his profile online which caught my attention. he proudly stated he had just been released from an asylum and was a weirdo. i don't call anything we talked about weird, just a dark kind of humor.
we are catching up when my kids are away tonight and I'm happy to finally meet a person who can take shit as good as they give it. ill update on this date tomorrow.
xoxo Lilly

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