Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sam's Return - Attempt no.1

When i woke up today i had a text on my phone from Sam saying he was sorry bout the past and was it ok if he called me. As usual it was just caus he needed my help finding something and selling something. Its really hard to say no and stay away from him but i stuck to my self promise and didnt help him out. also he said he had to ask me something... was i dating a guy called b who was a friend of his caus thats what he had been told. but he couldnt remember if he had actually been told by a person or if he had a dream about it. weird shit in my book, i mean im not but why would it be any of his business anymore.
Just had to vent on this.
So that was attempt number 1 at getting back into my life, i think.
I'll add to this if another attempt is made wich i think is highly likely.
xo Lilly

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