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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

rip sarah

so i met my friend sarah in yr 9. she was 1 month older than me. we ran a muk from the day we met. drinking, smoking green and talking about sex. even though at the time i was a virgin but she wasnt. to me she was cool. she had bleech blonde hair and was from the bad suburbs. then arriving at my catholic girls school under order from her father who was trying to straighten her out. anyway i remember the first time we got in trouble togethher, she convinced me to do the round trip on the bus home with her. then id walk up the hill once the bus came back around to the stop near my house. it should of been a 30 minute round trip. instead it took about an hour and a hhalf and my parents were freaking out i wasnt home from school on time. no explanation was good enough and i got grounded. this was pre mobile phone days so that was out of the question. when iran away from home at 15 and moved out of home, she soon followed sync. we spent the next 10 years or so moving in and out of each others places and sleeping on the couch and even moving in together for short periods.she had her first kid about 9 months before mine. we actually hadnt spoken for about a year at the time so it was a shock to meet her littleone and being hheavily pregnant at the time myself. when we were younger we took drugs together, trips were my favourite, this graduated to a bit of speed together later on.
the last time we spoke was about 2 and a half years ago until i got notice from her family the other day that she had an overdose in january. even with the power of facebook it took 2 weeks for the news to get to me. thats why i havent been posting in the past 2 weeks. its really thrown me. being over two years since we last spoke it was about time for us to get in contact again. it was the way it always went....not anymore. ill never see her again. the stability to all my childhood issues is now gone, leaving behind the first child she had whom is good friends with my daughhter and the new 15month old baby im yet to meet. she died of a heroin overdose. HEROIN. this is the girl who two years ago was so paranoid of needles and even smoking dope would never have stuck a needle in her arm. she was there my when i was young and i always injected but she didnt. she didnt approve of me doing it and told me so. then a few years pass and she dies of an overdose from injecting heroin. how is it possible?
xo lilly


Furtheron said...

The same way a man who I thought was going to always sit in the same seat at my regular AA meeting for many years to come suddenly says one day "I had a drink this week. Just couldn't settle my head and I drank". Within weeks he was found dead in a cold car in an isolated car park surrounded with empty vodka bottles - all bar the last one which he never got to finish.


Barbara said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Sara. It must have been such a shock and very heartbreaking. She sounds like she was a great friend.