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Friday, March 23, 2012

updated adventures

kind of have forgotten a few days of usage tally but ill add what i can remember.
monday 19 march $100 2 points
tuesday 20th got raged for free
wednesday 21st got raged for free
thursday 22nd $100 1.5 points
today...friday 22nd got raged for free.
now you all must be asking why i got raged for free most of the week... well my best friend who is very much about to give birth to her first child anytime now, got 2nd degree burns from hitting a saucepan full of bacon fat off the stove while on the phone.  she had to be hospitalised for the last week and a half but had ro keep her business going so i had to do her runnning around and picking up etc. and no!!!, she is not using while pregnant just keeping her customers happy so she still makes the dolllar we all need on the side to survive in life.
today my friend got discharged from hospital and about from a bit of drama when she decided to have a quik smoke in the hospitaal room without the fan on, setting off the silent smoke alarm and 2 fire engines rocking up for the no-emergency and having a whinge at us. that caused many dirty looks from hospital staff and the fact it was only the smoke alarm in our room with the red light flashing linking it solely to us. funny in a way but easily talked my way out of it by saying i was stupidly burning a thread off my jumper which must be why it went off. quik thinking and on the ball kind of excuse.
got more to say but im a bit drunk, abit too tweaked and should probaby use my short time in front of a computer to read a few blogs i follow that ive been unable to read religously with no internet connection at home right now.
love you all, miss reading all your blogs, xo lilly


bugerlugs63 said...

Nice to hear all's well :-)
I think I would get withdrawals if my internet went off! It's amazing how quickly we can get addicted to these things.
Good that you friend's out of hospital though I expect she'll be back in there soon to give birth . . . Rather her then me.
Take care Lily, Look forward to hearing more x x

eyelick said...

Wondering about something... what is a "point"? Is it a gram or some other measurement, or is it actually a partial gram, like 2 points would be .2 and one point is .1? If so, goodness that seems very expensive. cool you ended up with all this stuff for free, though.

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

bugerlugs..... thanks mate. i got that plaque done. ill upload the picture of it soon for you
xo lilly

eyelick......a point is 1/10th of a gram so in other words 10 points to a gram. individually u can pay up to 100 dollars a point but as a gram you can get it down to about 60 dollars a point. xo lilly

Mental said...

Hi Lilly, I love your blog. It's all fascinating! I recently wrote an article for the Saturday paper about my own experience with the drug.

Would be interested in being interviewed for my book? I promise I will retain your anonymity and mention the blog also.

Please email me at