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Thursday, October 4, 2012

scars and bumps

hey all,
just thought id upload a post of some of my permanent visual reminders of my meth years.  at least now they starting to fade a bit but most of them will never fade completely. even the areas of my body i dont have scars from using but did use there have these dark permanent bruises or discoloration to the skin. also i goot a lot of scar tissue and lumpy bumps where misses didnt turn to holes. pretty gross hey.
lol xo lilly


bugerlugs63 said...

Hi Lilly, still trying to catch up with some of your recent posts, as there were a few in a row, and they kinda got lost in my update feed thingy, whatever it's called, but I will catch up.
Good to hear from you again, and good to know you're still going strong and staying clean, good on yer girl!
Still think often of you, and appreciate what you did for me ;-)
Hope you'll keep on Blogging. Take care, with love x x x

eyelick said...

Wow! So you did quit for your 30th!!! That's so awesome. Me - eye refuse to "grow up." At least right now.

eyelick said...

So you did stop for your 30th! That's awesome!!! :) Eye still refuse to "grow up," qutting's for quitters! ;) But it looks like things are going pretty well for you, glad you accomplished your goal!

Gledwood said...

I think it's a bit different for women because there's such a societal pressure to be "perfect"... personally I'm glad of my scars. I hope one day I can look back and those scars will be the only proof I've been where I have and where I will never ever turn back to revisit...

Gledwood said...

is it true crystal meth is really hard on the body... ie that it literally burns your veins etc?

i know when people smoke it really heavily it plays havoc with their teeth ~~ you get that "meth mouth" phenomenon

i was watching tv the other day and saw a documentary about crystal meth in Germany ~~ it hasn't hit this country yet although the press like to talk about isolated cases when people have used it and fucked up ~~ I only know one person who's taken it in this country

our speed is amphetamine sulphate ~ baby speed in comparison!

if I were a drug dealer I'd definitely deal in methamphetamine ~ there's a glaring hole in the UK market ~ hundreds of thousands if not millions whose lives WILL be fucked up when it hits this country, which I'm sure it will

there was a craze a couple of years ago for "mepherdrone" aka 4methylmethcathinone or "meow" ~ it was a legal high with a real kick to it, it literally felt like ecstasy + cocaine except the cocaine went on for a good three hours

a big reason why the meow stuff took off was that British coke is terrible quality and the speed, which is sold by the "gram" is only an average 5% pure. you can also get base speed which is supposed to be about x3 stronger but by the time that came out I wasn't into speed any more. I used to go clubbing on ecstasy every weekend and was a bit of a drug snob over speed ~ partly because I had some bad memories and history over it from my late teens/early 20s when I took speed in a long depression I went into and got terribly terribly fucked up a few times ~ comedown so bad I literally could not move or speak for hours ~ that's probably the most depressed I've ever been. I went to my GP who knew me well and could not do anything except tell him I was depressed and then look at the floor. He gave me a medical note for that entire university term. Which is just as well as I'd done no work at all. people told me I was "jammy" but I wasn't being jammy I was just being straight I felt so terrible I literally had nothing I could say nothing I could do... if I'd got into heroin in that period, I honestly don't think I'd ever have survived...

ps do you know where the Australian crystal meth is manufactured? I heard some of it comes from Burma... (but surely someone with the knowledge and the chemicals could knock out a batch pretty much anywhere...)

i've also heard that Aussie heroin is high-grade shit ~ China white. Ours is scummy Afghan brown. I've only ever come across china white twice in my entire using career, it's that rare over here...

... sorry I'm babbling away gotta go take it easy, take care...