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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

life continued...

another one of these days offtap which blend into a week or two passing without realising it. the stuff around has been good, not great but good enough to do the job each day and still allow u to switch off and get a few hours sleep at night. its funny how you train yourself to function on some kind of normal level. but in reality being on is more normal to me caus over half my 31 years have been me being offtap, rattled, scattered, gearing, revving, tweaking...which ever word you want to use for it.
my circle of freinds is so small but my circle of associates is huge. its funny how every person on facebook is friends in common with every user youve met or have heard off in the city i live. i hate the people you may know suggestions. its basically a list of all the people you dont want to ever know, do know but want to forget or the ones with the bad reputations that you block before they even see their list saying you now people they know.
scary how the six degrees of separation seems to be even lower than 6 in adelaide.
that all for now. im trying to post more but still keep within my blog theme.
xo lilly

1 comment:

Furtheron said...

I wouldn't worry about a theme - mine is what the title says, cos that is what I am basically.

I get some very very odd suggestions and the ad thing always makes me wonder what I searched on in google for that to come up... like on reading this post an ad for "Meet Muslim singles" came up... eh?

Oh right - just googled something about Muslim Brotherhood (reading around Egypt crisis) then visit blog of a single female therefore... 2+2=7.628 in that instance!