Tuesday, June 25, 2013


2.58am. just said goodbye to my bloke as he set off to the country to work again for a week or so.  ive seen him for a week and a half and now i get my me and my kids time. ive managed to get everything i really wanted in a relationship.  he lives with me but is guaranteed to be away at least 2 thirds of the month usually so i get my alone days which i crave to process the bullshit in my head but i also have someone to share my days with.
someone who really listens to me, doesnt question my use, loves my kids, puts us first, never raises his voice...<not that ive witnessed> and treats me like a queen.
ok well ive just lit a joint so i can go sleep. im gonna save the gear i got left to have tomorrow instead of staying up asll night and being scattered tomorrow.
smart, un-junky like moment im having.
hopefully the green gets me wasted and ill be zzzzzzzzzing away shortly.

xoxo lilly

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