Wednesday, June 19, 2013

chasing people

another day chasing people for  money they borrow and wasting time, petrol and phone credit in the process.  always the same story but when you feel happy and are ion a good mood with dollars in your pocket, you dont expect to be counting the notes you need to turn it all back over again. the wait is lost money, lost sales, less credits being paid and turned over, most peoples cred seems to be always in the red and then in the black for all of 20 seconds as they pay in then go in the red again.
the hours are slowly slipping away again this morning. i got up at 530am to get bloke off to work, at 630 i started working with my daughter on her mary queen of scots project. she has to make a mobile with a coathanger, string and create the objects hanging from it.  lucky for her my usually off sense of humour fits well into making and creating the perfect moments of marys life. her photo of course, a scottish terrier, a flag and map of england, a scottish crest, a throne made out of a toilet paper roll and lots of glitter and diamontes, and last of all the slightly questionable moment of her life...... a barbie doll minus its body to depict her ultimate end. though in the case of our head its a clean, bloodless, neatly removed head. not at all the case of the real execution of mary.
i guess if they approve of her reading the grisly details of marys life then its only obvious depicting her end wont be an issue.
11.16 am and im still looking out the door waiting. not a happy user this morning. lol.
xoxo lilly

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