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Friday, June 14, 2013

no moral junks

The thing I haven’t missed about the scene is the two faced no moral junks that have no sense of right and wrong. Their closest friend is the one with the gear or getting the gear and each day revolves around scheming for the next hit or opportunity to do a switch with a water wack or even straight out pick pocketing ur speed bag or tub of neat. To add to an already fucked up situation is the hours after it goes missing that they help u look for it. They show such impressive concern and help search high and low in all the places it isn’t and never was. using this chance to mentally note where other belongings they have their eye on for the next slight of hand thievery.
Anything gold in color, with a dosage label or of cosmetic appearance is up for grabs. Not even your tweezers or razor refills are safe from scanning, calculating eyes.
The mental tally ticking over in their mind as to how much they can scam out of u this time....
Sorry to say but in 50 steps ahead this time

Xo Lilly

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Furtheron said...

There is a quote from the AA Big Book that says "Some of us sought out sordid places, hoping to find understanding companionship and approval." I think along with that come sordid people, ones you realise once you are sober you no longer want to be around.