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Friday, July 26, 2013

suffocating in my own home

im so crowded...suffocating in my own home. every bloke i meet ends up worming his way in and slowly without my knowledge or maybe due to my ignorance i find a whole wardrobe of belongings, not sure when or how they appeared. plus im still paying all the rent, bills, doing extra cleaning, washing, dishes, cooking, and the thing i hate most is opening my newly stocked pantry to find what appears to be food but is actually empty boxes which once contained food.
my pet peeves...
waking to find no milk
going and getting milk only to realise im out of sugar or coffee too
open bread bags resulting in stale bread
empty butter containers
cm thick slices of tomato on sandwiches when they should be half orr less that thickness
no toilet paper ... 1 number 2 seems to equal 1 roll of toilet paper... please explain?????
not replacing fuel in car
taking my cigarette lighter so i end up using matches or the stove top to unsuccessfully try to smoke glassys
sand and mud falling off the work clothes on my white tiles then he has a shower and it turns to mud all over my floors then  putting the same muddy clothes in my washer turning it into a wet soapy cement mixer stlye washer. just a few. think i could double this list and thats only a months worth of negatives and issues.
save me, help me, pinch me to wake up and learn from my past similar experiences.
one more thing. guess who has returned onto my radar...
you all remember sam, 10 months in jail this time and i give him 6 weeks till he breaks parole and returns. im wiser, ahead of the cons and 1 step ahead of the lies which i know are to come.
will update all on my new bitches and whinges.

xoxo lilly


Furtheron said...

You need to turn lesbian. ;-)

Why do people just take and not give in the world?

xo lilly (my meth diaries) said...

furtheron... done the whole bi thing but still want dick at the end of the day. maybe an open girl relationship where we get to screw over the dick at the end of the day.
xx lilly

Furtheron said...

There - that's the perfect solution! :-)

eyelick said...

Damn girl, ha eye don't want my slices smaller than a centimeter - wanna be able to taste that shit! But, it is rude to take more than what another person feels is prudent, when not even contributing! Ugh and HATE that excessive toilet paper use thing! Sounds like a nightmare. Throw him out.