Sunday, September 15, 2013


apologies all for another absence from my blog. ive been living on the edge of not knowing of my housing status for the last 2 months but i can finally relax for at least the next 6. finally got myself into the public housing system after first applying in 1998 when i was 16 years old.  thats a 15 year wait and in that time ive been.......................
a runaway
an independent living teen
a domestic violence victim and pregnant
a survivor of domestic violence having ended the relationship
repeat above cycle over and over.

update on my love life.
latest partner turned out to be a clone of the exact description he gave me of what i should not look for in a bloke.
typical story...... his good bloke, free loading, false pretence, lying cunt routine ran thin and then ran out.
and i went off, mental, off my head, berserk, nutter at his lying ass.  it was a  YOUTUBE moment and i wish i had it on tape. the stunned look on his face was priceless!!!!

ok well to end. new place is great, kids love their rooms, and im nearly ready to tackle my clothes sorting. so many clothes and shoes that i never and will never use other than when i plan outfits but change at last minute to the familiar.
im off.
blogs to read,  comments to post.
xoxo lilly


Furtheron said...

Good to see you back. Glad house sorted out.

darkangel said...

It's amazing how much our stories are the same. I struggle with addiction to meth, 21 years now. I have kids also. My man picker has never been good. I end up with an as whole like ex husband or a guy straight out of prison going nowhere fast. So far the man I'm with is a good guy once in awhile. He has his moments, but than everybody has there moments. It's been five years with him. It seemed like we where actually going some where in life. Now meth has taken over our lives again. I hate it, but then I love it. It's a weird crazy relationship.
Thanks for your post they help. Knowing I'm not alone in this struggle.

bugerlugs63 said...

xo lilly (my meth diaries) said...

Sorry I accidentLly removed your comment. You know drive past Dudley cemetery at least once again week and always stop at the front drive way just to pay my respects to be person I've never met but feel connected to..thinks its because sometimes I feel like just like him I'd like to be anonymous in my final resting place. He's there with no marker but will always be there in spirit

xo lilly (my meth diaries) said...

Sorry was supposed to say a person I've never met
Xoxo Lilly