Friday, October 7, 2011

7th october 2011...catching up on my diary

finally off my feet and able to take a deep breath. kids asleep, cigarette and glassy taking turns to fill my lungs with their smoke. one feeding my nicotine addiction and the other feeding my meth habit. need to continue my log of my gear usage so here goes... Wednesday- smoked about 2 points and injected about 2 points Thursday- smoked about half a gram Friday(today)- smoked about 2 points so far..not done yet caus its only early I've spent the day re-potting and taking cuttings of my cactus'. finally got some of my big ones back from my ex partner and they are so pot bound and in need of a lot of tender loving care. I've probably been impaled about 10 times fairly deeply and can feel some of the hairy cactus hair itching in my palms. school holidays and big mess to clean at home so I'm going to love u all and leave u all till later on tonight. life is extremely exciting and full of feelings and emotions i haven't felt for a long time. I've decided to take a chance and am going to allow myself to fall in love again. I'm scared and nervous but also happy. xoxo Lilly

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