Sunday, October 9, 2011

meth me again please

updating my usage over weekend once again... Friday night late- point injected Saturday - smoked 1point, wacked 2point afternoon smoked 1point night smoked 2 points Sunday- wacked 1.5 point smoked half point then accidently smashed pipe wen putting it on bench. need to do a needle exchange visit. got to love a government who makes drugs illegal but equips us with as many clean syringes as we can carry out the door. even more got to love the fact they take all your dirty fits and when visiting the needle exchange they are not allowed to pull you over or even search your car. I'm in need of some adult conversation i think, got to stop socially isolating myself but then again its hard to fit in with people who have no idea who i really am, and if they did know, it wouldn't be a real loss anyway. time to go back into a chat room to scratch this itch. xoxo Lilly

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