Friday, October 28, 2011

waiting, waiting and still waiting!

ok so right now I'm waiting to get on. usual Friday consisting of playgroup in morning and normal school run after very little rest and sleep last night. now I'm waiting for a few mates to get off work so we can go get something to tide us over till later tonight....hopefully. I've had my phone on silent/no vibrate even for a few days. I've just gone through another of my LEAVE ME ALONE fazes. pity is there are a few people i want to speak to so i need to keep checking my phone for text and missed calls. i just cant handle the vibrating under my pillow in-between calls. its one of those shity days. started out at 22 degrees Celsius this morning and now its pouring with rain. love driving in the rain and opening the whole house up to smell the rain outside. i need a pipe or a shot, I'm starting to fade out and I'm a bit drunk from a couple glasses of wine i had. its only 12.16 lunch time Friday. xoxo Lilly PS ill be back once I'm slightly tweaked. ( tweaked is a new word for me as in Australia we call it rattled, geared, tuned, getting on,buzzing)


Anna Grace said...

I love your blog. Did not know your from Austraila. Sorry I don't know how to spell. I'm now a loyal reader!!

lilly said...

im a loyal reader of ur blog also now. i tell it like it is and people dont like it the truth. they dont realise addicts are just as capable of blending into a normal career and family life. what they dont realise is that if us drug addicts didnt exist, every profession from cops to doctors to counsellors, chemists, judges, lawyers etc wouldnt be jails who employ co's and others wouldnt be needed. look forward to ur next post