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Sunday, October 23, 2011

to all my loyal readers

my bloke paid me a surprise visit last night and gave me exactly what i needed. after all the drugs i had on the weekend i still was settled enough to sleep for a few hours. its 957 am on Sunday where i live. another weekend gone and another school week looming. I'm getting used to this boyfriend thing. even though we have not stated it is an exclusive relationship I'm treating it as one. I'm happier than I've been in a long time and i don't feel trapped like i usually do when i commit to something. my blog is beginning to get more traffic. my stat list shows viewing in about 10 countries now. UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, Dominican republic, China, Israel, and Pakistan id greatly appreciate if my readers would leave comments and become members of my blog if possible. just so i know who you are and what you want to read about on here. my life is so filled with drama and weird situations each day that its so hard to know what your wanting to read about. There's so much to talk about.... there's the deals, the deals gone wrong, my love life, my sex life, my family life, my mixed up weird on drug/off drug/coming down emotions, my drug usage and the off tap ranting's in between. thank you for reading as usual. i may have more to add later on today, but ill wait till my guy leaves as i don't yet let him read my blog. i treat it as a diary so its weird to have someone reading about themselves incase they get offended or weirded out xoxo Lilly


Random Girl said...

Lilly - Thanks for checking up on me! I'm glad to see you've got a man in your life and I'm glad you didn't go back to Sam....
  I've got to say it's nice to have a "twin" in another country - lol - and it's funny to me the different slang that goes on... I never new you Aussies called meth "gear" :) And I'm curious - when you say you've "been up rattling" is that slang for "tweaking"? Do you guys even use the expression "tweaking"?
  Lol - these are the deep thoughts that keep me awake at night... Well - the drugs probably too actually...

Take it easy :)
Random Girl
Meth and Me; Diary of a Tweaker

lilly said...

yea i guess rattled probably does mean the same as tweaking. sam and i are definately finished. i finally brought myself to sending him a message stating how much of a cunt he wass to me and his children who seem to still get call me for help before they do him. im slowly approaching my clean-date of april next year...bit reluctant to stik to my goal. i like the way i am. take care mate.