Saturday, October 22, 2011

another night becomes morning

so its 7.40am. been up rattling all night and now just plain bored and waiting for local supermarket to open so i can go buy smokes. my brother was here till about an hour and half ago then had to leave for to go to work on no sleep. lucky its saturday and he only has to work a couple hours before lunch. ive now caught up on all my tv, played too much solitare and have tuned into the morning kids shows as my 2 yr old has just woken up. tv doesnt seem very educatiinal anymore. all cartoon characters seem to communicate in beeps and odd sounds that definately dont qualify as english. even sesame street has changed. well its time to start another day, maybe get to catch a mid afternoon nap with my little one or not if i end up getting on again. which is highly likely. im off now to be normal everyday lilly. bye all. xo lilly

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