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Friday, October 21, 2011

catching up

just catching u all up on my life. i been sleeping in late last few days. thats the outcome of the comedown from the meth. my usage this week has been lower i think... monday i used bout 3 points, tuesday i used about 3 points, on wednesday i had a point and then today (friday) ive had almost 3 in last couple hours but will probably smoke more shortly wen kid goes to sleep ad my mate comes over. im currently downloading my tv for the week so i got something to do later tonight. im all bingo'd out for the day. things going good with the guy im seeing. ass i said i deactivated my online dating profile and i think it was the right descision. hes good with my kids and they like him.thats a change. ive told my daughters dad im seeing someone and he seems quite ok with it....i think. i dont really need to tell the babys dad since he lives a state away and will just start the poor-me texts and shit again. anyway signing off, i got a few other blogs to read and such. xo lilly

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