Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When friends meet ur new guyfriend/fuck!

So its been approximately 3 weeks since i met my new bloke??/fuckfriend??. ...(sex and death guy from post 28/9). Not sure what we are yet but i did deactivate my online dating profile today so i guess I'm keen for more. Today the opportunity for one of my best friends to met him happened so they met. They got along really well so it didn't end up being so bad. Plus he finally met my 9 year old today and in true year old form, she decided to start the ball breaking requests from him straight away. i was quite impressed with how he interacted with her know it all attitude. My past relationships have always been with older men. at 18yrs i met the 41yr old father of my daughter, then at 21 i was with a 36 yr old for a year and a bit and at 23 i met my co accused ex SAM, whom you all know from his jail letters and my diary entries 2006 to very recent. The new guy is 30 yrs. old. About a year older than me, and in the past i said easily that i had nothing in common with guys my own age, but i have drastically changed my view. I think i used to believe an older guy would be faithful caus i was younger and being so much younger, was probably the youngest fuk he would ever get in life. boy was i wrong bout that. one of my ex is still now chasing 20yr olds at 50+ yrs now. And i guess meth cooks are attractive in their old age caus he is still pulling them in. I've become quite emotionally attached from my partners to protect myself so its scary to be feeling quite smitten with this new one...if that's what he becomes. Anyway, i think I'm rambling on and a bit rattled so ill leave it at that. its after midnight and about time i turn the lights down so the neighbours don't know I'm up all-night again and rest my brain for a couple hours. goodnight all xoxo Lilly xoxo

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