Saturday, November 5, 2011

sentencing remarks online

so ever since i was arrested, charged and sentenced for manufacturing a controlled drug (meth) back in 2007 then sentenced in 2009, i guess ive been obsessed with checking the court website in south australia which posts every district court matters sentencing reports daily. currently of the 104 sentencing remarks for my whole state posted, i personally know 12 of the people sentenced in the last month for a range of things from aggravated robberies to drug offences to firearms offences. a lot of these people have been locked up on refused bail status for at least a year and its been about a year since i stepped out of the spotlight and decided to go straighter in my life, and keeping out of the spotlight. also when i look at the court cause list which shows who is due in court and for what its suprising that the law has finally caught up with most of us. most of my old accquantinces are now facing fresh charges so guess i got out at the right time. thats all i gotta say for now. im just gonna sit and contemplate my own future for a little while. xo lilly

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