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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Its 5.50am on Wednesday morning. I'm on a bit of a bender so I'm on night 2 awake with approx. an hour of stoned sleep on Monday night and none last night. Its finally started raining decent meth again which makes life easier and very busy. i think I've already put about 950 into my dealers pocket since lunchtime Monday. pretty good effort for 36 hour timeframe. not for myself only but decent stuff means a lot more deals done which makes my usage almost free. so yay while it lasts. summer is approaching and with the weather already hitting over 30 degrees Celsius, i feel great. by the way i took the photo above about 20 minutes ago. this is the me at 29 and a half yrs. old. bit rattled/tweaked looking right now but that comes with the addict title. i have to leave in bout 15 minutes to go pick up more stuff so i might try to finish this post after i medicate. xoxo Lilly PS the infamous SAM is once again trying to worm back into my thoughts but the strength i never had before is now stronger than ever and i havent let myself down and spent anytime even contemplating it. bbs.

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