Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heatwave on its way.....yay!

The year before last we had a straight 16 day over 40 degrees heatwave. in the news today......

ADELAIDE'S first official heatwave of summer is forecast to start this weekend, with two days of 39C to start the new year.

Late yesterday the Bureau of Meteorology released its seven-day forecast, with a sweltering maximum of 37C expected on New Year's Eve. It forecast 39C for Sunday and Monday, 36C for Tuesday and 35C for Wednesday.

The bureau defines a heatwave as five consecutive days of 35C temperatures or above or three consecutive days of 40C or above.

Northern areas of the state can expect the mercury to soar to 44C on New Year's Day.

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Anonymous said...

hi chick, wow i'm so envious of the weather you got coming. if i could teleport myself over there, i'd be outside your front door now :-) hope to chat to you soon lilly cuz i'm thinking about havin a baby and would love to talk to you cuz i know you got kids and love them. i'm going to write my next post about it and hope you get time to comment and put forth your views and opinions. happy new year chick x