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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Same shit, Different day.

So the daily routine continues. Except it changes slightly in school holidays.
Wake up (if i've slept), kids stuff and kids tv shows, score (easily if my mates are awake), then the day continues with the deals to cover the next day of entertainment for my kids and to cover my habit. Its a fairly easy routine at the moment, till it stops or the guy runs out or sleeps in.
Ive downloaded plenty of movies and tv to get through the boring days on our local tv stations. The digital era of television which has been over-hyped consists of re-runs of macgyver, knight rider, seventh heaven, touched by an angel and the love boat. i swear when we only had 6 tv channels there was more to watch than the now 16 plus channels we have. maybe its time to pay for pay-tv or satellite tv. I've pretty much downloaded all the tv shows i watch to the currently aired american episode so if anyone can tell me any good tv shows to start watching it would be much appreciated. I'm off now to wheel and deal myself into another day.
xo Lilly.


Furtheron said...

Had to laugh at the title... When I get home from work the kids say "How was your day Dad?" Then before I can answer say "Same shit, different bucket" which was for a long time my catch phrase of the moment.

With you on the TV we get - I don't know 40 something channels... hardly ever worth putting it on!

Now use to you as it is on here in Blighty but a great BBC drama of Great Expectations is on at the moment.

Gledwood said...

You only get 16 free to air TV channels? That's crap man. We get 40 (providing your landlord BOTHERS to install the aerial properly instead of just plunking it on the roof with lines to every room splaying out of it like octopus legs. There's a special switchover help scheme because our analogue signal is going off in April, but it means I get Freesat all inclusive including installation of the dish and the box for £67 and 100 channels. It might sound sad but at some times of life something as simple as television (or even more so radio) can make a huge huge difference. Especially if you're genuinely ill, like I was for years. Radio was my lifeline, the only leisure activity I could do with my body shot to pieces with "chronic fatigue syndrome".

Ironically I feel less and less need of television. But it WOULD be nice not to have to turn to aerial with each channel change for the 4.5 channels I currently get...

Don't you get tempted to go back to manufacturing? I heard it smells like a 10-foot tall tomcat from Mars has pissed everywhere and won't stop pissing. I heard the rig can explode in your face. I heard you need safety match strikes... is any of this true?

I noticed they changed the formulation of Sudafed from pseudoephedrine to something else ~ there's no methamphetamine problem in this country, we all take pissy sulphate and that's mostly limited to clubbers. They also take something called amphetamine "base" which is said to be about 15% pure as against 5% pure for a "gram" of sulphate. I once found a tobacco tin with a huge bag of something white that had that certain cat's wee smell and that was almost certainly cut just the once, with glucose powder. Kept me going for 3 days!

I'm not into speed any more. Like I said it's a clubber's drug here and I don't go clubbing. The only form of cocaine I know where to buy is crack. In fact I had a pretty shit time snorting powder coke ~ I think most people just convince themselves they're having £50 worth of fun (as a G cost when I used to very occasionally use it). At least with crack no placebo effect is required. You know when something's blown your head off. But man it is WEAK nowadays compared to what it used to be. Weak weak weak and I hate weak things so I'm out of this game, even though there are few things I enjoy more than watching white smoke flood my pipe knowing that 30 seconds later I'm gonna be totally kited....

Happy New Year!

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

Gledwood..... i download all the english and american tv sows as they air over there. i think i use tv as background noise mostly. i dont want to go back to cooking. if i get done again id be looking at a big wack inside. it does stink. when i moved out of my last place the place got condemned by the council. but i lived and brewed in there for a long time. the demolition crew had to treat the house materials as contaminated and couldnt even recycle the copper or metal according to the council. it was a big drama considering i got done in 2007 and only notified of the condemning 3 years later. so they allowed me to breathe and inhabit it for ages. wasnt till it went upfor sale that they made it an issue. i've exploded a few kitchens over the years. pretty lucky never to get injured. they did change sudafed to phenylephrine which is a second generation sinus'decong which is shit for people who really need the medicine for sinus. but plenty of clean pseud seems to be inported into aust and is cheaper than box shopping i think. gotta go bulb one now so catchya later.
xo Lilly

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

Furtheron.... same shit, diff day/week/year but bucket i havent used before. ill try downloading that great expectations. i watch misfits(uk) and think it rocks. just waiting for america t rip it off like skins. uk skins also rocked. tonight i downloaded season 2 of the inbetweeners so i gotta watch it tonight/tomorrow.
all the best. xo Lilly

Susie said...

I am a tv junky...I watch everything. But if you're looking for recommendations, I love:
Breaking Bad (best show since the Wire, imho)
Nurse Jackie (didn't think i'd like but i do)
True Blood
The Hour (BBC)
Luther (BBC)
Supernatural (the guys are really hot)

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

Susie... We have similar tastes. Ive watched all of Dexter, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Revenge right to the current episode available in the US..(i download the next episode of all these religiously each week asthey air) and i'll give you my recommendations also.... Misfits (UK), Sons of Anarchy, Skins (US and UK). Breaking Bad apparently has 1 season to go but i cant see how they can end it in 1 season. They have 2 storylines to finish off... WALTS CANCER(the whole original reason he went bad) and HANK AND THE DEA (now that his treatment is being paid with meth proceeds, Ive a bit sceptical how he will take the truth). Also with the final episode of last season finishing as it did, he wont have the benefit of the super-lab anymore. I'm hanging for the next season. XO Lilly