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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Im back

Just a quick post to explain my absence. I had to go to Melbourne to take my kid to see his dad for a week but I'm finally back and impatient to catch up on all the blog's i follow. What a week completely straight. 8 days with nothing but a bit of beer to take the edge off.I need to get some sleep for now but Ive missed you all.
XO Lilly


Katie B said...

hi lilly, good to have you back :-) it's good that you can just stop like that for 8 days. when you have breaks off it like that, do you ever want to carry on not using when you get back home ? i've not posted anything on my blog for a while and should do an update. x

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

Katie B... hey mate. I'm not ready to completely decide to be clean yet. I set my goal as my 30th birthday. thats under 4 months away now. but in all honesty the last 8 days is the longest ive been clean for a really long time. it was pretty easy but i'm one to self sabotage, so its better if i maybe do a few small breaks and try to increase my total days in a row clean over the next 4 months. Our government has just started a new quit smoking campain here and finally they are not just saying QUIT SMOKING.... they have a new catchphrase.. NEVER GIVE UP GIVING-UP! I think it makes sense as long as you keep trying and last longer than your previous attempt.
XO Lilly