Monday, January 16, 2012

Prison Penpals

A while back, i googled prison pen pals on one of those sleepless nights just to maybe kill the boredom and maybe start a friendship with someone like myself. It was a website which you started first contact by looking at different profiles and choosing who u wanted to make contact with. i didnt know prisoners had access to an internet based messaging service, rather expected it would be a postal thing. either way about a week ago i got a reply by email. i replied as soon as i recieved it and the next morning he had replied again. he is currently sentenced to 2016 for the same charges as i received a suspended sentence of 2 yrs. he has already been in for 7 years. im shocked the same charges in two different countries have such a different sentencing amount. its kind of scary to think if id been arrested in america i could of been sentenced and not released untill the year 2020. my new friend is just another of the many people i now know thru blogging and chatting who i find so similar and like minded as myself. XO Lilly