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Friday, January 20, 2012

Clan Labs Cranking

It seems almost every second day in my home city, the newspaper's report on another meth lab being raided. Hardly ever are they actually operating at the time caus as i know all too well its a race against the clock to be done and packed away in minimal time. theres always that lurking stench which continues to permeate everything. when my house got condemned by the council i had already moved out and it had to be tested and if toxic levels were present it was gonna cost almost 45000 to have it professionally cleaned (by a glorified carpet cleaning company i found out once i researched the company i was referred to) no doubt in cahoots with the chemical testing company the council reccommended.
A few months after i moved i got to read the full chemical report about exactly what residue was still there, even after a heavy paint out, new carpet and lino throughout and they still got positive results in every room. In the end the council erected a nice poster threatening a 4000 dollar fine if anyone was found in the house and the only thing to do was to demolish the house. luckily the house was on stilts and no chemicals had been found in the earth otherwise they would have wanted to scrape 30cm of topsoil off the whole block.
i went past my old place the other day and finally they have built 2 new courtyard homes on the block once they subdivided it.

this is the photo used by the real estate to sell it back then, a quik lawn mow wouldnt have hurt hey.

back later
XO Lilly

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