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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day Antics

Its AUSTRALIA DAY!!!! And how has mine gone....well lets see! too much beer and wine, way too many pipes of meth and a wack i actually hit easily for a change. funny how the little one's you mix up are the easiest to hit and the one'syou know will blow your head off, u miss. No veins left....or huge amounts of bruising if i hit one of the new ones i can see. Its 8.14pm and no matter how much gear, the beer still drags me down to a level where i could easily pass out. Today i also saw my ex who wanted me to get hold of my other ex for unknown reasons. Funny how when one was my current, they hated eachother but now they choose to get along when they need eachother for drug related reasons. But still i have the knowledge over both sides of the conversation and only one of the two knows i know everything. afterall my loyalties are still hanging towards the one who does the most for me at present.....although it could change in a second. At least this time i'm the one in charge of when they do and don't deal with eachother caus i'm the one who each knows can play the other side of the fence. I'm off to drink another West End draught beer and hopefully slip into a nice state of drunkness and get a good sleep without having to down any bongs of dope tonight. XO Lilly


bugerlugs63 said...

Yeah its strange how exes can get on once they're no longer with you. Two of my exes (dads to the 2 boys) go on holiday together! despite the fact they are chalk n cheese. One year I had three exes and a current partner at the Christams dinner table. Load of weirdos ;-).
Are you in Adelaide? . . . I think My Brother is buried there (he killed himself there) I'll find out. Is it a big place?
Hope you got to sleep ok after the beers. Take Care

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

bugerlugs.... what cemetary is he buried at. adelaide is pretty small.

bugerlugs63 said...

I'll find out . . tomorrow.
Cheers x

bugerlugs63 said...

Yes it's Adelaide! Defo.
My Mum doesn't know the name of the cemetary but he was buried not cremated.
My Sister is still near Sydney so I will ask her if she knows the name although I doubt she will . . . Are there many there?
I would so love a picture of it if it were possible. Let me see if I can find out where it is first. Cheers x

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

bugerlugs.... message me his full name and date he died and ill do a search on the larger cemeteries here. adelaide isnt very big so im sure id be able to find it and get you a photo.
xo lilly

Susie said...

Hey Lilly, I was thinking of you last night. I love watching TV shows/documentaries about drugs: Intervention, Drugs Inc., The Oxycontin Express, etc. PBS Frontline is a well respected public investigative journalism documentary show and they do all sorts of interesting but not well publicized topics. Last night they had one:

An investigation into how and why meth use spiraled out of control and became the fastest-growing drug abuse problem in America

It was so good, it kept me up past 2 am watching it. There's also an interesting episode called "Opium Brides".

I hope you have an excellent weekend!!

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

hey susie.... ill check it out later this morning. its 640am and im still watching shit i downloaded last night....take care xo lilly

bugerlugs63 said...

I've contacted the Salvation Army in Adelaide as they did the funeral. He was homeless and in psychiatric "care" at Eastwood clinic (?) I have the discharge papers from there.
I've checked all online records for all cemetrys in and around Adelaide but I can't find him . . . Hopefully the SA will have some archive records of their homeless burials? Is there a particular cemetry they use do you know for homeless folk with "No family".
As soon as they get back to me (if they do) I will let you know which cemetry. It seems not all burials are listed on-line? If you have any further ideas please let me know. Thanks for offering to help. Much appreciated. Take care x