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Monday, April 30, 2012

yay im 30

ok so im 30 and 1 day old. ive onto day 4 clean. i started a little earlier (3days) than i aimed but all good. today is pay day so im struggling to stay clean. my supposed first day clean had to be pay day. went out for tea with the family last night and got pretty drunk. had fun though. i got one kid home sik today so im a bit busy but will write later
xo lilly


bugerlugs63 said...

Happy Birthday Lily,
even if I'm a bit late. Is there anywhere you can get help with this, as I imagine, like Heroin, you need to find ways of dealing with the compulsion to use. Addiction is a bugger to fight, as I'm finding out . . . If you can do it alone, well done, but I would imagine to talk to other girls/blokes that have done it too, might help.
Either way, you will do it when you're ready.
Hope little one feels better soon. Take good care Lily xoxoxox

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

bugerlugs.... thanks babe. now i just gotta concentrate on being strong enough to stay straight. im onto day 5 but not sure how long itll take to feel normal again. by normal i mean a straight persons norml...its been so long for me that bent became normal so i guess straight will be not normal. thats really not a sentencee which makes much sense. anyway thanks mate and chat soon. maybe we should do a msn or skype cht sometime. itd be good to chat in video rather than blind for a change. xo lilly

Furtheron said...

many happy returns and all that...

Listen to bugerlugs - she is there on the front line of her battle, being so honest... good luck in your journey, anyone who attempts to fight addiction on any day is a hero in my eyes