Wednesday, July 25, 2012

rambling on....and on....

i finally bought myself a wireless keyboard and no longer have to use the tiny keyboard with the unfamiliar key locations on my mini laptop. its one of those acer aspire 10inch, no CD/DVD drive, not enough usb port deals.  with a bit of a re-modelling from my little one who decided to pick all the keys of it and lose half of them plus lose the little rubber thing under them and the clips. i mean why cant modern keyboards be like the old style Atari ones with individual mechanical switches. and don't get me started on the touch pad mouse/pointing devices you have to use because of the lack of usb ports for a usb standard mouse we have always used and grown familiar with. 
now i got no excuses about how hard it is to type my blog posts. and i wont bother making excuses about my lack of proper grammar/spelling caus to be honest i sometimes re read what Ive typed and start over thinking how it sounds so i type as it flows. best way to get the real deal on how i feel like it would be if you were reading a handwritten diary.
i finally got a new prepaid modem account and device and even though its cheaper to surf with this as i get approx 2 gigs for 29 dollars instead of 500mb as part of my monthly mobile prepaid 29 dollar cap plan, it doesn't give much data as if i still had a adsl account. I'm hopeless paying bills on time so i keep extra utilities/bills as a no go thing. I'm thinking of declaring bankruptcy but even if i do, ill still have to pay all my outstanding court fines which currently must be down to no more than 4 or 5000. i started paying fortnightly court plan payment when i was about 18 years old at a rate of 60 a fortnight until about 2 years ago when i applied for a court ordered income assessment and i now pay 20 a fortnight.  that adds up to approximately 16460 paid and I'm still not paid off. i don't even know how it reached that much. here's an approximate breakdown of the things I've been charged with in the past....
1x manufacturing meth- 140
19x driving unlicensed/unregistered-4 to 800 depending on judge
9x driving uninsured/unregistered add another 400 to the above
approx 5 other small charges at about 2 - 300 depending on offence i committed.
then you gotta add court fees and levy of up to 180 for each fine ever issued.
can anyone pick the obviously flawed fine i received out of the above......i only got charged 140 for manufacturing meth. up to 25 yrs in prison possibility yet i get a fine of 140 with my sentence which was suspended.  hard justice
i gotta go watch neighbours and home and away (favourite nightly Australian soap's) so ill write more later.
xo lilly


Furtheron said...

Neighbours and Home and Away are big nightly soaps here in the UK as well! Never understood that really - I was off sick once for about 3 weeks and got really into Neighbours that was when there was a girl called Jane on it - she was very attractive!!! Sad isn't it...

Carrion Doll said...

Hey Lily. I wanted to let you know I put you in my blogroll. I have been reading your back story and checking everyday for updates. I haven't worked on my own blog for a long time. But I am going to start working on it and making a real effort to post. I really love reading you. Don't ever stop!

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said... i think jane was on there many years ago. apparently england are as big fans of neighbours as we are here. i didnt actually know home and away aired there. i never miss these shows. plus if i do we do a catch up marathon each sunday of the 5 weekly episodes. lol. xo lilly

carrion... thanks for reading. i had a look at ur blog and saw u been absent from posting. but at least u still follow and read other blogs. i get stuck on what to say now im trying to be straight. writing too much about the meth makes me want a shot so i try to stick to other subjects but u run out of thingss to say. lol xo lilly