Tuesday, October 2, 2012


sorry i been absent for awhile. busy, busy on my end.
big, BIG news for you all..... Ive quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and its going very easily thanks to meds i got prescribed.
CHAMPIX works but they say to smoke longer into starting the course of meds but i couldnt do it. by the 7th day i was down from a pack a day to a pack in no less than 3 days and most of them were bummed off me anyway.
knowing i had a smoke stashed in my bag kept the anxiety away but i dont need to smoke it....
hopefully i can quit for good this time. its such a filthy habit.
thats all for now. im out....xo xo lilly


Furtheron said...

I worked on that drug back at my old company. We introduced a new randomization system for that one. Seems to have been worthwhile.

xo lilly (my meth diaries) said...

furtheron.... i think it seems to have more benefits than just smoking. after you get over the first week of being queezy when u take the tablet, it seems to make u not want to drink, smoke dope or cigarettes. its weird. i only been on them for bout 2 weeks and stop smoking dope and cigarettes bout 9 days ago now
xo lilly