Monday, February 6, 2012

In my life, Out my life

Its funny how many weeks or months can pass without anyone old flames or friends popping into your life again. Then all of a sudden you get a heap of text messages from numbers not in your mobile phone book and the repeated reply sent 'who is this'. Then once you get the reply of who it is, you decide whether to reply or just pretend the message never came. The first of these messages i got this week was from someone asking if i still lived at gilles plains.(my old suburb) It was the house i got done for manufacturing in. The number looked familiar so i replied only to find out it was one of my mates from almost 15 years ago when i started my junkie journey with meth. i had seen him once in the last 13 yrs but we had been in contact on msn where we used to webcam with each other. i think it was all the sexual frustration back then and the fact i hadnt been with this particular friend back then. But all he wanted 3 yrs old from the webcam days was to tell me he was back in town and he missed seeing me on the cam.... conversation over. lol. The second was a guy id started talking to on the internet dating site ive previously mentioned. that was a quik sms exchange. i ignored them after he said who he was. The third is a guy i know, who has always cracked onto me but never got anywhere. He sent me a message saying he caught up with another mate of mine who wants to see me......still havent replied to this one. im a bit cautious as he's such a pervert but i also know he knows alot of people ive been really good mates with. ill ponder this one for a bit. ill let you know the outcome..... xo lilly


Furtheron said...

Only calls not in my address book I get are people trying to sell me something or that I can claim for an accident I was never hurt in... :-) I live such a boring life! :-)

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

Furtheron.... that must mean its about time i change my number then hey. its got to the point where i dont answer private numbers on my phone either. theres something about anonymous that doesnt sit well with me. xo lilly