Wednesday, April 4, 2012

25 days to go

so its april the 4th, 25 days till my birthday. im trying to slow down alittle so the 29th doesnt come as such a shock to the system. i know what to expect in the comedown. lots of sleep and ill be eating lots of food. rapid weight gain is expected. but the part i dread is the feeling of unusual happy moods as my head levels out again. i know meth depleats ceratonin in the brain and nobody knows how long itll be till it starts creating itself again. not enough study has been done on meth abuse as i dont think people realised how widespread it is. since people started smoking when all meth went from street (cut min 9 part cutter to 1 part pure) gear which was 50 dollars a gram which was injected and sniffed to neat/pure meth which is 50 dollars a point (1/10th of a gram) and is smoked/injected alot has changed in the after effects of users. more psycotic behaviour, more rapidly changing physical changes and more meth used by each user each week. ill be back soon...gonna internet research a bit more about the side effects when you stop long term use like mine. i mean i've spent 15 years of the last 30 years on meth. thats half my life, half my existence lived so far.......xo lilly


Furtheron said...

Good luck with it... I don't know anyone who has detoxed off meth - so I can't give any advice I'm afraid

Barbara said...

I'm hoping you can live in the moment and enjoy each day up till your birthday and then have a wonderful celebration of YOU!!!

xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

furtheron and barbara......thanks mate but im pretty sure im gonna make it clean. ive already cut down heaps with no problem and had extra money than usual so i think the money may be a bigger incentive than i thought. im not sure if im gonna say never caus then im setting myself up for disaster but mybe to start ill just stop buying it and only have what i get shouted then quit.. its only 11 days to go now. xo lilly